Our goal: To partner with businesses and individuals to meet the needs of our local community of special needs families in a deeply personal and significant way.

You can read all about our first family HERE.

Why? Often parents spend the majority of their time, finances, and energy caring for their child and neglect self-care. Our goal is to help parents be able to relax and rest in a newly designed space so they can care for their child in the best possible way.

How? Lot 35's interior designer and contractor collaborate to utilize donated (new) furniture, decor, monetary gifts time and labor to create a bedroom that is a place of rest and sanctuary.

Lot 35 Connect is an extension of Lot 35 Homes that meets the needs of local families by providing a bedroom makeover for parents of special needs children.

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Special needs families are near and dear to our hearts. Part of our privilege as parents is caring for our special needs daughter. We know firsthand how exhausting and overwhelming being a caregiver for a child with unique and challenging needs can be. That's why we created Lot 35 Connect. 

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Our success at Lot 35 Connect relies on friends and businesses donating their resources to make these rooms possible. If you'd like more information, or are ready to jump into it with us, let us know!

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